Fins Original PRT 300 yds (270 meter)

Vår bestselger til havfiske! Tynn, sterk og uten strekk!

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Spole a´ 270 meter.

Fås i dimensjoner 0,25 - 0,38 mm


20 lb - 0,250 mm (16,8 kg)

30 lb - 0,279 mm (20,9 kg)

40 lb - 0,300 mm (23,2 kg)

50 lb - 0,330 mm (25,9 kg)

60 lb - 0,380 mm (32,3 kg)



Original PRT

PRT is a soft, flexible braid with a very tuff urethane coating, a great choice for finesse fishing. Flipping and pitching into heavy structure where durability and strength are paramount, is one of the many situations where PRT shines. PRT is the current state of the art braid produced using traditional braid architecture, 30 pound PRT is the diameter of 8 pound monofilament, 20 pound like 6 pound mono, etc. Many experienced braid users find PRT to their liking as it has a familiar feel but with a durability that exceeds their expectations regarding color retention and fray resistance.
PRT "Metered Colored" is a 4 color pattern. It is the same construction as the Original "PRT", so it will feel and perform the same. We are now offering another color choice for the FINS PRT.

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