Tronixpro Banzai BZ5 4,2 m (13,9')

Lett og solid. Kastevekt: 110-170 gram. 3-delt. NB! Er noe kraftigere enn kastevekten tilsier.

NOK1 599,00 inkl. mva.
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Key Features


  • HYBRID TIP: The best bite detection, whatever the range.
  • LIGHT FISHING: Rated to cast between 3-5oz but at its best with 4oz, an ideal rod for fishing in estuaries, light surf beach work and as a bass rod. A lightweight blank that can be held for long periods, useful for surf bass fishing.
  • POWER WHEN NEEDED: Plenty of power in the mid and butt section allows a good casting range and helps when playing bass amongst mixed rough ground and boulders, the extra power helping to steer fish through snags.
  • MATERIALS: A light, strong blank built from 24ton carbon that is rung with K guides throughout and a DPS Reel Seat. Can be fished with a multiplier or fixed spool reel but designed for use with fixed spool.

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